My Phone Fell in the Water, What Should I Do?

Nothing is much more annoying than dropping your valued phone in water, whether it’s the kitchen sink, bathtub, coffee, tea, beer, swimming pool, or flooding. When this occurs, sadness and disappointment are the first emotions that enter your mind. But don’t lose hope; everything isn’t lost. It is possible to fix water damage to a mobile phone and get it running as well as it did before the disaster.

Ways to Rescue a Wet Phone

If you’ve dropped your phone in any type of water, the most vital factor to consider is how long it’s been immersed and how soon you can recuperate. If your phone has been immersed in water for an extended time, the circuit board is most likely to have been permanently damaged. Even if it’s just remained in the water for a short time, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to fix it and avoid having to invest money on a new phone.

Turn Off Your Phone

Your phone’s water damage is identified by how long and how far it has been submerged. When it falls into the water and is soon retrieved, it will remain on for the most part. When it is, push the power/sleep switch on the top to turn it off promptly. Hold the home button and the power/sleep button with each other for a few seconds to turn it off if it gets stuck on the white pinwheel when turning it off.

When your phone has been submerged for an extended time, it will close down on its own. Do not, under any kind of circumstances, turn on the phone at this time. This is a typical problem among flood victims. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to clean your phone thoroughly to remove germs from the contaminated water. Consider contacting restoration companies Ottawa to help you recover your property if it has been flooded.

Wipe It With a Paper Towel

After turning off your phone, wipe its body with a paper towel, tissue paper, lint-free towel, or microfiber towel to get rid of as much water as possible. This will stop the phone from becoming moist by soaking up the dampness on its outside.

With a paper towel or cloth, wipe inside the earphone and billing ports, as well as all the nooks and crannies you can reach. Lint-free or microfiber wipes are suggested since they do not leave a material deposit behind, creating a clog or a short circuit.

Air Out Your Wet Phone

Try quickening the process rather than waiting for your phone to dry by itself. Place the gadget somewhere breezy after removing all of its replaceable elements. To accelerate evaporation, place it near a fan or air conditioning system. To dry your wet device, stay clear of using a hairdryer. The heat can damage inner circuitry, and the powerful blast can force water droplets deeper.

Instead, using a vacuum cleaner is a much better approach. While you can try sucking the wetness out with your mouth, this is not suggested because you might inhale something unsafe. While you are waiting for your phone to dry, take this chance to check your property for damage. Inspecting your property once in a while is a good idea to maintain your house in good condition. If you find damage, you can visit this link to hire a restoration service to do the job for you. 


Having your phone soaked in water might be a frightening experience. You won’t have any technical troubles with your soaked phone if you follow the tips above meticulously. Nevertheless, if you do not manage the water in your phone appropriately and quickly, it will create more difficulties in the future. However, it appears to be working terrific initially.