About Us

The company was created on the belief that cannabis has great potential and that providing safe, legal access to people around the world is important. Since then, Weeds Blog Capital has worked tirelessly to become the most comprehensive platform for consumers and build the software solutions that power compliant businesses in the space. To advocate for social equity, legalization, and licensing in many jurisdictions and facilitate further learning by partnering with dozens of subject matter experts to provide detailed, accurate information about the plant.

Weeds Blog Capital is uniquely positioned to continue its role as the leading technology provider serving the cannabis economy, thanks to our strong global footprint, deep partnerships with participants at all layers of the supply chain, and deeper understanding of the policy landscape at the federal, state, and local levels.

Weeds Blog Capital is dedicated to offering clients high-quality cannabis products and information through responsible channels with knowledgeable and friendly service. With us, you can connect your cannabis business to a market-leading audience and begin capturing more clients and orders than ever before.

We believe that cannabis can be a beneficial influence in our world and that we have a special responsibility to help develop a cannabis market that benefits all communities. Learn more about social justice and how we can make the cannabis community a better place.