What Pets Should and Should Not Eat

A lot of people that keep pets overlook a key detail in their pet’s health; their pet’s diet. People think that their pets can eat anything that they eat. The type of food that we give to our pets that we have been eating is classified as table food. Feeding them table food could be a health risk for these animals.

People often think that table food is okay for their pets; after all, they eat the same thing, and there is nothing that has gone wrong. Feeding our pets table food can have serious consequences. As responsible pet owners, we should be mindful of things our pets should and should not eat.

Why We Need to Screen Our Pets’ Food

Our pets trust us, so that’s why they eat what we give them. The problem there is they cannot discern whether the food given to them is toxic or healthy. Being able to identify food items that should be given to our pets is an advantage for our pets and ourselves.

A lot of pet owners fail to screen their pets’ food. This issue applies to table food that we give them. There could be hazards in these food items that may cause harm. Some pet owners go for the easy route, providing dog or cat food to their animals. Processed pet food could also be a health hazard when eaten for a long time. There are a lot of items that we should watch out for on food that we provide our pets to avoid a visit to a pet hospital. If you are interested in what our pet can and cannot eat, here are some food items that can be harmful;


Bones are a popular food to give our dogs, and this can be a problem. Bones are hard and can damage our dog and cat teeths, and the crushed bones can be ingested and cause internal problems. The dental problems that bones given to pets cause can result in pain and damage. Vet dentists advise not to give your pet bones, especially smaller breeds.

Toxic Ingredients

Toxic ingredients in the food are a significant problem. Chocolate and its derivatives are an example of a food that is common for us to eat, but when a dog consumes chocolate, the consequences are deadly. There are more toxic ingredients that pet owners have to be aware of to prevent troublesome situations. If your pet has ingested these toxic food items, getting them to a vet that specializes in internal medicine should be done urgently. You can look up “internal medicine vet near me” to locate a nearby velvet clinic.

Excessive Salt

The pet food we provide to the animals we keep is not also safe for prolonged consumption. Dog and cat food have high levels of salt that can cause acute conditions. Too much salt can lead to digestive problems and even seizures in dogs. Avoiding pet food and providing them with a healthier substitute should be a goal for pet owners.


There are a lot of items that should not be fed to our pets. These items may cause serious problems. Screening the food we provide to the animals we keep should be a priority. Our pet’s health rests in our hands and is solely our responsibility.