Rush Skeletonweed
Chondrilla Juncea


Provincial Noxious. Perennial.
Mature rush skeletonweed is a mass of wiry stems with small yellow flowers and barely visible narrow leaves, giving it a "skeleton-like" appearance. Early growth is a rosette of dandelion-like leaves that wither once the plant flowers. Rush skeletonweed grows to 1.3 metres in height with a taproot that can reach 2.5 metres. The stem produces a milky juice.

Infestations of rush skeletonweed can reduce livestock and wildlife forage and the latex in the stems causes serious problems with harvest machinery.

In British Columbia, rush skeletonweed occupies rangelands, roadsides, and disturbed habitats at mid-elevations in the dry grassland zone. Infestations occur in the Vernon area, Crescent Valley, Kimberley, Windermere, and Creston. It is a major concern in the Kootenay and Okanagan regions.

A single plant may produce as many as 20,000 parachute-like seeds which are dispersed by wind, water, animals, and humans. Rush skeletonweed also spreads through horizontal roots.


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