Leucanthemum Vulgare
Oxeye Daisy  


Regional Noxious. Short-lived perennial.
Often confused with the ornamental Shasta daisy, the oxeye daisy has single flowers on branch ends and narrow, divided, upper leaves clasping the stem. Lower leaves are larger, spoon-shaped, and have stalks. Mature plants are 20-80 cm in height.

Oxeye daisy can form dense infestations in pastures and on rangeland, reducing forage for livestock and wildlife because of its disagreeable taste. It is of major concern to fine seed production in the Peace River region.

It occurs at low- to mid-elevations in grasslands and dry to moist forests. Oxeye daisy is a major concern in the Okanagan, Thompson, Cariboo, Omineca, and Peace River areas and is present in the Kootenay, Lower Mainland, and Vancouver Island regions.

Oxeye daisy spreads by seed and creeping underground stems.


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